Hidden chronicles link problems and blocks during

  • There is a problem with the BluRay BDPS3100 network connection and it cannot determine where the DVD was last played

    The third time around, the problem isn’t connecting to the community. The last two times I called Sony about a problem with Youtube, so it turned out to be a Sony problem, and a week later I did a software update without mentioning that it solved the problem. Now the third time the device is not connected. Check all temperatures and lookswell. ??????

    Finally, some devices don’t remember exactly where the last stop on a DVD starts in the middle of a movie.

    It looks like it was poorly designed. I designed my 5 year old and it worked great.

    Perhaps it’s time to think about additional products. Suggestions?

    Does anyone have anything to add?

    To interfere with the internet connection, reset the utility on the player and currently on the router.

    1 Turn off and turn off the router, then unplug the power cord for 1 minute.
    2. Wait a minute, connect your poker player and router, and then turn them back on.

    You help us, please provide more details. How do you connect a competitor to the Internet, wired or prepaid Wi-Fi? Do you have a sense of error? If yes, indicate the error.

    Regarding the problem with the movie, if you press the “Stop” or “Pause” button, do you think you won’t be able to continue watching the movie?

  • the game that is on the computer while playing, I get an error message and exit the game, TOHow can I exactly solve this problem?

    Remember this is a public forum so never post personal facts and strategies like email numbers, possibly phone numbers!


    You have problems with your programs

  • Error messages
  • Recent changes on your computer
  • You get a message that you have already tried to resolve this particular



    Problem please

  • Try installing the online game in compatibility mode. Here’s some additional information that you might find unexpectedly helpful…

    Is the game GS chronicles still in development?

    The game comes in .BPS format by default, which you can easily fix with one of the available patches without any additional patches. The game has some bugs at the moment, but not too big. GS User Chronicles is always developed individually with the help of the entire community.



    -Check the functionality in the section Using a fallback user account

    How do I Stop my Computer from crashing when under stress?

    If you open your desktop, close the graphics card and blow it out with a can. This solved my problem when it crashed for me when there was less stress. Is it a desktop or maybe a laptop? If the desktop jet opens it, remove the graphic board and blow it out with a spray bottle of working air.

    -Updated credit card video driver

    Remove/reinstall your graphics card

    Uninstall/reinstall the program

    -Clean Boot http://support.microsoft.com/kb/331796

    I hope this information is helpful.

    Thank you

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  • Wi-Fi disconnects and reconnects only at leisure?

    I have Asus Electronic Arts Buys – #66.7 64-bit Windows every time I play a game, especially csGO. I lose connection and immediately gain significantly. Â I’m not affiliated with the main game or anything. Then everything will be back online. I thought what could make this project a reality?

    Hi boozal.

    Thank you for posting this request on the Microsoft Communities. Provide general information:


    Are you getting an error?

    Use these types of methods.

    Method 1: Temporarily disable your antivirus software

    Note. The software can help protect your computer from viruses and various types of security threats. In most cases, a person should not disable their antivirus software. If you do not temporarily uninstall to install another program,Good security, don’t forget to turn it back on when you’re done. If you are connected to the Internet or a network at any time when your antivirus program is disabled, your computer is vulnerable to attack.

    Method 2: Follow these individual steps:

    Step. Run the computer in test mode with networking and see if the problem persists.

    Step 2: If the problem is definitely not in Protected Mode with Networking, perform an update download to check if there is a software conflict, as a perfectly clean boot will help resolve software conflicts.

    Note. After following the troubleshooting steps to update the boot process, follow the link to step 3 to put the personal PC into normal boot mode.

    Method 3. Follow the instructions in the article.

    Wireless and wired connection issues with Windows prepaid subscription

    I want this to help you. Let us know if you need further assistance.

    Thank you.

  • Satellite A500-026 causing it to overheat during gameplay.

    Hi guys, any help would be appreciated.

    My Has 026 recently booted up and randomly overheats and shuts down in video games. I can’t even get TF2 to know more than a certain hour unless it suddenly dies of your ego. It is never used during these months.

    I assume the problem is with all my video cards. I tried downloading the best free drivers from the Toshiba site and the latest versions from Nvidia without conversion. I have already ordered Mobilecare, just wanted to assess the possible issues.


    Perhaps this is a unique problem of high temperature in s.
    The high temperature will cause the damper to lower to protect the food from damage.
    But it is a question, why does the temperature at the most important level increase?
    One of the reasons may be a useful page for nvidia graphics card drivers. Such a conductor includes protection against overheating. So use the driver from Toshiba.
    I see, yes.
    Well, the laptop seems like a newbie. So usually dust shouldn’t be a problem and the fans should work all the time.sharply. right

    A Make sure there is enough free space around the laptop to allow for incredibly good air circulation.

    However, I recommend that you contact your country’s ASP for confirmation of a potential device problem.

  • Blue screen stops during any game in The Sims 3 – BCCode 116

    Before buying The Sims 3, I had a modern video card – NVidia Geforce 9500gt 1GB, on which I installed the latest video card drivers.

    My characteristics:

    AMD Athlon X 64 2 Dual Mid-Section 5000+ Processor 2.60 GHz
    2 GB RAM
    320 X Gigabyte 2 hard drives (1 external) – I have a lot of free time, one thing is not full even half

    Power supply: 350W (minimum at the expense of 9500gt I know)

    Vista Home Premium 32-bit

    Well, when I play in normal mode, after ten minutes it crashes, sometimes just a screen, but sometimes with a nice blue screen prompt and shutdown. Lowered the setting style in the game, and continues. I uninstalled sims 3 road user then installed pending driver then sims 3 change number.