How to Fix Kernel Security Check Error in Windows

Why does hardware check Fail Windows 10?

A kernel security check error can be caused by a variety of issues, including good old RAM issues, virus infections, etc., but the most common reason is that those specific drivers that you normally use in your previous version of the operating system, not compatible with Windows 10.

The kernel check security error is very annoying. If you’ve definitely installed a new Windows 10 recently, chances are you’ve encountered the same issue in your efforts. I got this Windows 10 BSOD error while playing a game that is on my laptop. All of a sudden my computer restarts and then I get stuck on this blue screen that says Kernel_security_check_failure. I was wondering how to solve the problem without reinstalling Windows 10. The truth is that there are a lot of important data on my computer nyh. I finally found this tool and I want to share it with you today.

What Could Be A Kernel Error?

Why do I keep getting kernel error?

Kernel Security Check Failure is definitely not a virus, but is often an error message that Windows 10 displays on the screen when some data files are corrupted. The meaning of the Security Check Error is that one or more files have not passed compatibility or reliability checks and you need to update or replace them.

Kernel security check failure is one of the most common annoying Windows 10 blue screens because it cannot be fixed with a simple reboot. In this guide, most of them will share some troubleshooting information that you might want to explore in order to fix the Windows 10 kernel security check error. This kernel security check error is also often caused by corrupted memory or driver incompatibility issues.

Sometimes a Windows Kernel Security Check error occurs because Windows 10 failed to load or update. Just below.

Fixed BSOD During Kernel Security Check

How to check if there is a kernel blue screen security test error or not? There are many symptoms of a BSOD SECURITY CHECK FAILURE error, such as random Windows crashes, possibly crashes. In such situations, follow the solutions below to fix KERNEL_SECURITY_CHECK_FAILURE boot error on Windows 8/10.

Before you arrive To choose the best solution for your Windows or ten Windows 8, make a full backup of your important files first

How To Quickly Fix A Kernel Security Check Error?

1. If you see the error code ‘KERNEL SECURITY CHECK FAILED’ after upgrading your system to Windows 10 and are sure that in most cases you are moving to Windows 10. ‘origin. Sometimes erroneous updates can be a valid reason for the Microsoft 10 Security Engine check to fail.

2. Make sure your PC or laptop is virus-free. Use Windows Defender or other third party antivirus software to scan your main Windows PC.

According to Microsoft, this Kernel_security_check_failure is considered a problem caused by driver incompatibility bugs. Follow these steps one by one to see what works for you. All methods are tested by us.

Method 1: Update The Driver

If you are looking for how to resolve a kernel issue, follow this method to update your drivers and fix this issue?

Step 2. Then, in the closed side window, go to Hardware and Sound and then to Device ManagerTV” in the “Devices and Printers” section.

How to fix kernel security check failure in Windows?

Agree to reboot the system so that it can check all software components for errors. After restarting your computer, your RAM will be scanned and any errors responsible for the failed kernel security check will be displayed. Another measure you can take is to check if your hard drives are healthy.

Step 4: Select the yellow star driver. If you find a yellow mark on truckers, then there is definitely a problem. Right-click it and select “Properties”.

Step 7. Select “Search for Drivers Automatically” or optionally “Browse My Computer” when purchasing drivers.

Automatically Download And Update Drivers

Instead of manually registering drivers, you can automatically download and install them for all users in the future using advanced driver update tools. Driver Easy is one of the most powerful and reliable tool for updating drivers.

Method 2. Check Your Antivirus

If you then use a third-party antivirus or Windows Defender, disable it for a while. Sometimes an antivirus blocks a highly recommended Windows update, and this is undoubtedly the cause of the Kernel Security Check Fail Windows 8.1 error.

Method 3: Remove And Reinsert The RAM Key

If you are a reliable technician and in thisIf you know about RAM and other computer components, try this solution.

Open your PC’s kitchen cabinet, then remove the RAM from your current motherboard.

Start your computer and see the problem, not the problem.

Method 4: Find And Install Update Windows

Microsoft has always encouraged customers to download and install the latest Windows updates. So download the amazing Windows updates. You can choose to automatically download and organize updates. Processes has an option to allow users to update files.

Now click Check for Updates. This will automatically check and install all available enhancements.

Fix 5: Check For Disk Errors

Sometimes you will encounter Windows BSOD errors due to expected hard drive errors. Kernel_security_check_failure for Windows 10 is one of them. Therefore, refer to the instructions for scanning your hard drive using the built-in Windows tool.

Copy and paste this command with chkdsk /f C:, then presse Enter.

Or you can use the standard disk blunder check tool.

There is another way to check the disk for errors.

Go to My Computer > and decide which one to scan.

Wait a moment. The accessory will scan your entire hard drive and show errors.6:

Fixed Start Of System File Checker

This will take some time, please be patient. If the error is obvious, this can help you fix it at any time.

How To Fix BSOD?

BSOD is a blue window of death error in Windows 10. Check out our other helpful resources on how to fix a BSOD error in Windows 10.

I hope you can fix the Windows 10 kernel security check error with the solutions above. Check which method works to contact you.

Is It A Virus Or What?

Kernel security check error when using Windows 10, Windows 8, in addition to Windows 7 appears on ‘blue screen of death a> > if one or more data files fail extended validation ku of integrity or compatibility.

  • Your computer has experienced a problem and needs help restarting. We just collect bug information from people and then start with you.
  • Reason For Kernel Security Check Failure

    Kernel security check errors typically occur when the computer starts, shuts down, or sleep. Often most problems occur after Windows update or sometimes RAM update. Problems

    Some of these may be the source of a kernel security vulnerability. Also, while the most common are outdated drivers, hard drive RAM, corruption, virus or malware infection, the error can be caused by a corrupted Windows operating system file.

    Nick Karvounis / pxhere

    How To Fix Kernel Security Check Errors

    In some cases, the solution is as obvious as removing an update or a taxi driver. In other cases, you needa little more time and effort to find and fix this issue. Start with the most common and easy-to-solve solutions, and move up to much more complex solutions as needed to quickly find and fix subsequent problems.

    1. How do I fix my Windows kernel?

      Check your computer for memory problems.
      Enable this option to fix hard drive errorsbut.
      Start Windows 10 in safe mode.
      Uninstall, reinstall, or update hardware drivers.
      Run the System File Checker.
      Run System Restore.
      Perform a clean install, usually associated with Windows 10.

      Remove all removable devices. Remove many potentially interfering devices devices before you begin troubleshooting. Take it the same way you would any other removable items such as CDs or USB sticks. If these connections are weak or corrupted, it can cause the kernel security check to fail because Windows first connects to these components on startup. Reboot your device to see if this fixes the general error. If not, continue troubleshooting.

      In this day and age, check the connections, such as the power line and the monitor.

      How do I fix the kernel security check failure in Windows 8 and 10 blue screen?

      Press the Win + R keys to open the Run dialog box. Type: msconfig and press Enter.
      Go to Boot Options > select Secure Boot > OK.
      Click Restart to start your computer in Safe Mode.