Slipstream Exchange Service Pack

I’ve learned a lot of people that you really shouldn’t be downloading Windows XP and all the truckers right now. Sorry if I make a few hiccups in English. example is with T60p.

Part 1 Windows XP: sp2
Note. Use Windows XP with the included Service Pack 2. Typically, Service Pack 2 (SP2) is required to work with comparable USB 2.0 or Bluetooth hardware.
– Boot your own laptop and press F1 to enter the BIOS. Navigate to configuration navigation and select SATA. Set the system to compatible instead of AHCI. Save and exit.
– Press F12 during reboot to select temporary boot mechanism. Select an optical device.
– Continue installing Windows XP SP2…

Part 2. Drivers
Note. A driver is required to properly control the hardware. All devices listed below are newer than Windows XP SP2, so you need to adjust these drivers…
– Owner of Chipset Intelligence so that Windows XP can account for and manage i945GM, SM-Bus and ICH7m.
– ATI FireGL V5200 if you need a graphics card.
– ACPI power management to control the integrated Thinkpad controller.Solve the unknown device in device manager. This is not a food manager!
– Ultranav uses advanced touchpad/tracking point features
– HD Audio Sound Max – audio driver. kb888111 is required for Windows XP SP2 to support HD audio printers. Most of the time kb888111 is loaded with the driver and you don’t have to worry about it. If Audio Persons did not install it, kb888111 may be missing.
– PRO/1000 Intel LAN is a new Ethernet (wired network) driver
– Intel PRO Wireless WLAN Driver and Applet
– The Trusted Platform Module (TPM) is an encrypted security chip. Find the unknown device in the exact device manager.
– HD audio modem time for modem. As the owner of the audio, kb888111 must be installed initially (no need to install the second one if the time is already done with the Hayundai driver)
– The Thinkpad LCD is not a big deal and has the correct screen name: ThinkPad Display.
– Fingerprint Software 5.6 driver and fingerprint application.
– The active protection system applet is set to the airbag sensitivity as hard disk protection.[/url]
– Bluetoothth with software enhanced baud rate, I never rely on it.
– Don’t forget WWLAN if available

Part 3. Utilities
Note. The Lenovo Utilities are designed to handle all specific Thinkpad functions. You can do without these people, but you will lose some of them… Shortcut
– Drivers for OSD (OSD), Full Screen Magnifier, Fn+F2, Fn+F3, Fn+F4, Fn+F5, Fn+F7 and Fn+F12. Important.
– EasyEject utility for Fn+F9 function. Ultranavigation
– Utility for Fn+F8
– Keyboard customizer to remap keys to keyboard type.

Part 4: Lenovo Programs
Note. The following items can be considered recommended if the Thinkpad is not working properly. All advanced users can buy most of them… I recommend using the least amount of Power Manager to get the best battery life. Package security is required to protect core data with Thinkpad hardware (FPR and TPM).
– Power Manager to create energy profiles. It shows the battery in the effort bar.
– Access to connections to create and manage connection profiles. It is not necessary to use Fn+F5. Access
– Online user manual help with Thinkpad reviews and information: warranty, FRU/CRU, useful phone number, etc.
– Help Center in CHM format (Windows Help format).ThinkVantage
– Productivity Center, the application that launches when you press the blue ThinkVantage button.
– Away Manager is programmed to schedule background tasks when you don’t take care of your Thinkpad.
– System Update 3.0, which the witch application uses to download and update certain Thinkpad drivers, utilities, and programs. Requires Microsoft .net.
– Self-healing tools Rescue and Recovery 4.1. Be careful, shut down effectively with Client Security Solution.
– Client Security Solution 8.0 to protect your computer. Please, improve the Rescue and Recovery program and Fingerprint.
– PC Doctor for Windows

Part 5. Reset AHCI
Note. AHCI: Required to process some SATA features that resemble NCQ. I evaluate some that offer AHCI and compatible mode and get the same results… So almost every geek wants to run AHCI.
– Intel Matrix Storage Manager driver. Run C:\DRIVERS\WIN\IMSM\install cmd. Reboot, enter the full BIOS, and directly put the hard drive into AHCI mode. If Windows XP has purchased new hardware, force car owners to use it in C:\DRIVERS\WIN\IMSM.

What kind of updates can I slipstream?

You can integrate different types of updates directly: Application (database) patches should not be included in the actual integration process. They must be installed using AxUpdate.exe. Before installing Microsoft Dynamics AX, copy the DVD to a network location. In the next few paragraphs, you will change the installation media to create an integrated installation.

I am sure for all car owners, but not for all Lenovo software. I don’t use all of them. Will update upon request. If this is specific to nLite, you can repair the Windows XP SP2 CD with a few of their Thinkpad drivers. You also cannot leave the ICH7m and the driver to change from SATA to Compatible and then back to AHCI.

T570: Core i5 7200U, GeForce 940MX, 16GB, 256GB NVMe, FHD IPS