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To help the buyer (21) in solving problems with the target function of the software https://prompteer.com (22), the computer workstation is provided with predefined parameters, and the user is additionally provided with a knowledge system (20) that is provided with knowledge on how to apply skills to effectively and effective solutions to human problems. The knowledge system (60, 61) offers automatic programming for solving medical problems in a certain range, rejects headaches that cannot be solved by any of the available computer capabilities. And (22), explains how and why a particular program was created and why a program cannot be created to solve a given problem. The knowledge system preferably collects information about the problem of the field.The user (63), designs a program that effectively uses the computer capabilities of the system to provide targeted assistance in solving the user’s problem, encodes this program (74) as a form suitable for execution on the corresponding computer, the program is transmitted to the electronic system (22 ), explains to the driver why certain auxiliary elements are included, substantiates his reason to the user (64). The real implementation of reflection seismology is usually described to advise the user how to apply a set of software modules for processing static seismic data, if there are corrections, receive and run a digital order package from a general purpose computer.


    The existing new technology deals with the artificial processing of information and knowledge and, in particular, automatic programming. The specific embodiment described relates to reflected wave seismology.

    Introduction to automatic programming andmodule methods in presented by Avron Barr & Edward A.feigenbaum, Handbook of Artificial Intelligence, Vol. Chapter 2, William x, Kaufmann, Inc. (1982), pp. 297-379. Programming can be defined as the discovery of a method of what a PC can do in relation to a computer capable of interpreting. While at this most basic level, a computer performs built-in functions of basics such as addition, subtraction, change, or counting, it is now common to tell the computer vendor at a higher language level what type of language will be compiled. or translated primitive into the codes of some Computer. However, the use of high-level languages ​​might not solve the problem of minimizing the basic level of detail and using technological steps. Over time, the capabilities of computer hardware have increased markedly and the cost of hardware has steadily declined. As a result, applications for selection are already being processed with increasing complexity, and due to the huge software size of the software, the software in question is expensive and, as a rule,fork, unreliable.

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    Automatic programming refers to the use of a computer function that helps a person program in some way. As a rule, How the automatic improvement system has four distinguishing characteristics, including specification method, target language, problem, and new approach or method of operation.

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    Several methods have been proposed for determining these properties, and they may be properties of the desired program. If desired, the program can be defined precisely and then unambiguously by format semantics and a very high level of learning and retraining of the language. Alternatively, the desired program may be specified by a sufficient number of I/O behavior examples. To date, some success has been achieved with natural language systems that can interpret a user’s description in English of what a real program should do. natural language systems typically interact with the user by checkingprevious assumptions, pointing out and inconsistencies asking for more information.

  • victim’s sad language is the language in which the computer program is registered to run on target computers. Typically, the target language is a popular high-level language such as LISP, PL/1, or GPSS.

  • A dilemma area is one that unmistakably locates the intended application or desired application area of ​​a program running or running on target computer. For example, a natural language module called NLPQ helps you write programs to solve simple linear problems. A system called Protosystem I is generally designed to assist in the computer creation of software for all I/O intensive data processing systems such as payroll, management and various accounting systems. A system called Is psi is intended to help create hardware programs for all kinds of symbol calculations, such as list processing.Searching, sorting, and even storing and retrieving data and generating good ideas.

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    The solve operation is the process by which an automatic programming system, in most cases, generates the encoding method of the desired computer program. becomes the target language in response to a new specification or attribute properties of the desired program. Since programming is an exploratory young market, it is difficult to categorize the methods recommended by existing systems. Some of the simplest methods combine program building, theorem proving, knowledge engineering, traditional data sampling, problem solving, and induction.

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    A perception system called sacon advised engineers to use a universal physical analysis program called “What Marc Requirements” . Finite element analysis methods for simulating the specific mechanical behavior of objects. The program offers a wide range of methods, analyte properties, geometries and those that can beused to fabricate the design of interest. SACON contacts engineers to obtain any description of the design and basic stress conditions, as well as recommend any type of appropriate analysis strategy that the manufacturer can implement. A scan policy type contains together one of the scan classes with its own and related scan recommendations. While SACON defines the factors that SACON needs to consider, it does not actually define how to correct a structural analysis error, nor does it provide guidance to the affected computer system. SACON defines a meaningful analysis strategy with the help of a chain of rules, and EMYCIN uses its structure. — emycin is the leading domain-independent system for rule-based construction consultants. See James and Bennett Robert “SACON: Engelmore, Knowledge-Based Analysis Consultant”, Volume 1 of the Structured Procedure Sixth Int. Joint Intelligence Conference, Artificial Tokyo (August 20-23, 1979), p. 47-49; James Bennett and Engelmore, Scott Consultant “sacon:t on Knowledge-Based Analysis,” Structural Department of Computer Science, Stanford University, Report No. STAN-CS-78-699 (September 1978). Always see W. Van Melle et al.,